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Whether you're an avid collector of military memorabilia or an active airsoft player, we have the realistic replica grenades and smoke grenades for you. Shopping our selection of smoke bombs is a surefire way to enhance your playing experience in airsoft and paintball games!

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Smoke Bombs and Replica Grenades

Not quite sure where to buy smoke bombs online? At Gorilla Surplus, we making buying smoke bombs easy. Our line of replica and smoke grenades for sale are all perfectly safe to use and hold. Whether you're looking for coloured smoke grenades to elevate your airsoft and paintball games, or hunting for the best replica grenades to embellish your World War II military memorabilia collection, Gorilla Surplus has the product that's right for you.

Smoke Grenades: A Tactical Game Changer

Use smoke grenades in airsoft milsim games as a decoy tactic and ambush your opponents through the smoke! Most grenades used today come in smoke canisters with a wire-pull ring. Simply pull the ring and you'll get an instant cloud of smoke at your fingertips! The large puffs of smoke produced by smoke bombs can also be used as cover in paintball games. There are no set meanings for any coloured smoke grenades, giving you the opportunity to coordinate with your team to assign different meanings for different smoke colours.

Replica Grenades: Harmless Hand Bombs

Collectors of army surplus goods will love our replica hand grenades. Our collection of replica WWII grenades include the M26, M67, and the Mk 2. The replica grenades for sale at Gorilla Surplus are made of full metal to look and feel like the authentic military grenades used in WWII. They are hollowed out and inert so they are safe to use as props for film and theatre productions.

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades: In Every Colour of the Rainbow

We carry vibrant smoke grenades from Enola Gaye like their Wire-Pull Smoke Grenades, Burst Smoke Grenades, and Military Grade EG18X Smoke Grenades. All Enola Gaye smoke grenades come in a range of colours to suit your preference: from bright colours like orange and yellow, to bold colours like blue and red, and more subdued colours such as black smoke and white smoke.

Smoke Grenade Photography: Mystery and Awe

Using smoke grenades in photography has become increasingly popular for their smoky effects and rich colours. We carry the best smoke grenades for photography with our selection of Enola Gaye smoke grenades. Use smoke bombs to create special effects and add a burst of vivid colours to your sets in film and TV productions.


Are Coloured Smoke Bombs Legal?

All the smoke bombs and grenades we carry are perfectly fine to use by the general public. Be sure to respect the location and environment you are deploying the smoke bombs.

Are Smoke Grenades Safe to Use?

They are safe for use and the coloured smoke produced by Enola Gaye grenades are non-toxic. Enola Gaye pyrotechnics use a “cool burn” ignition system, which does not produce any external flame. This keeps the grenade’s casing at a relatively low temperature. It is safe to hold Enola Gaye smoke grenades throughout ignition and burning, though it is recommended you wear gloves. Avoid breathing in the smoke when you can, especially for those with asthmatic problems and respiratory difficulties.

Do Smoke Grenades Stain?

The smoke emitted from coloured smoke grenades can stain if they are held close to the material. Fine materials that are white or light in colour are most prone to visual staining, so avoid using smoke bombs while wearing light clothing to keep from particle staining. Enola Gaye's smoke grenades are made with water-based dyes so staining can be washed off over time. However, it is not guaranteed that surfaces that were in contact with the coloured smoke will not be permanently stained.

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