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Airsoft Guns

With the best choice of airsoft pistols and rifles, Gorilla Surplus has everything you need to enhance your airsoft gameplay and shooting experience. Whether you're an avid collector of replica guns, a seasoned milsim player, or just starting out in the world of airsoft, you'll be able to find the right type of airsoft gun for you.

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KWC MP40 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

In Stock

Airsoft Pistols and Rifles

With the best choice of airsoft guns, Gorilla Surplus will help you take your airsoft game to the next level. Find gas-powered and spring-powered pistols to improve your shooting accuracy, or arm yourself with one of our many electric rifles to dominate MilSim games.

CO2 and Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

Our realistic airsoft guns include pistols with full metal construction and snappy blowback action. For those that simply want to practice their shooting and simply have fun plinking away, we also carry a great selection of cheap spring-powered clear pistols.

Assault and Sniper Rifles

Whether you like getting up close and personal in CQB, or prefer the solitude of long-range shooting, we've got the perfect rifles for you.

Accessories: Scopes, Rails, and Grips Galore

Don't be satisfied with your AEG as it is. Seasoned airsoft veterans know that customizing your gun to suit your needs is the way to win. That's why we at Gorilla Surplus are prepared with the airsoft upgrades you'll need to elevate your game. Shop our selection of airsoft accessories from lasers, flash hiders, rails, and much more!


Are airsoft guns real guns?

Unlike real guns, airsoft guns do not shoot bullets but rather, plastic spherical projectiles called BBs. Most airsoft guns today have 6 mm (0.24 cal) caliber barrels.

Are airsoft guns legal?

Airsoft guns are not real firearms so they are free to be purchased from specialty stores like Gorilla Surplus. The laws surrounding the usage of air guns differ from country to country however, so be sure that you are aware of your country's air gun laws before carrying in public spaces.

What's the difference between airsoft guns and BB guns?

The main difference between the two types of air guns is in the type of projectile they shoot. BB guns fire steel 4.5 mm or 0.177 caliber BBs, while airsoft guns fire plastic 6 mm or 0.24 caliber BBs. Both BB and airsoft guns can be used for target practice and shooting training, but airsoft guns and rifles are most commonly used in military simulation games.

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