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Army Surplus Vancouver - Military Surplus Canada

Gorilla Military Surplus and Supply is your Canadian source for military equipment, army clothing, work wear, rain gear, tactical clothing, security items, and hunting and camping supplies. Check out our stock of German military surplus (including World War II military items), Canadian army surplus, American military surplus products, military knives, military bags, military watches, military footwear, flight and field jackets, and marine fatigues, and a lot more. Get your supply of hiking gear at our army and navy store, where you can find the right pair of hiking boots. Shop for airsoft gear like AEGs, pistols, magazines, ammo, and more at our Vancouver location – we ship online orders from Canada! You'll also find a large selection of paintball gear including paintball guns, barrels, paintballs, masks, vests, and paintball markers. We have the largest walk-in knife selection in North America. We carry dozens of brands in our store and online, including G&G Armament, Smith & Wesson, Condor Tactical, Kershaw, Spyderco, Benchmade, CRKT, Alpha Industries, and Umarex.

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