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Free shipping on orders over $200


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Bear & Pepper Spray

Stay protected from wildlife encounters with our effective bear pepper spray at Gorilla Surplus. Designed specifically to deter bears and other aggressive animals, our pepper spray ensures your safety during outdoor adventures. Find your perfect fit among our array of FlashlightsBear Pepper SprayFire StartersHeadlampsStraps Repair KitsWater PurifiersCanteensCompassesTapesSlingshotsAmmo Cans and Rainwear. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

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Bear and Pepper Spray at Gorilla Online Store

Protect yourself from wildlife encounters and potential threats with our selection of bear and pepper spray at Gorilla Online Store. Designed for safety and peace of mind in outdoor environments, our sprays provide effective deterrence against aggressive animals and assailants, ensuring you can explore the wilderness with confidence and security.

Effective Defense

Our bear and pepper sprays are formulated with potent ingredients that deliver powerful and immediate deterrence against bears, mountain lions, wolves, and other aggressive wildlife. With a high concentration of capsaicinoids or bear-deterring chemicals, our sprays incapacitate threats and provide a safe distance between you and potential dangers.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Designed for quick and easy deployment, our sprays feature ergonomic designs and intuitive controls for rapid access and operation in emergency situations. Whether you're hiking, camping, or fishing, our sprays provide convenient and reliable protection that can be deployed at a moment's notice.

Long-Range Reach

With their long-range reach and wide dispersal patterns, our sprays enable you to maintain a safe distance from potential threats while effectively deterring aggressive behavior. Whether you're facing a charging bear or an approaching assailant, our sprays provide a non-lethal means of defense that can deter threats and prevent harm.

Compact and Portable

Compact and portable, our bear and pepper sprays are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for outdoor adventures and everyday use. Whether you're exploring remote wilderness areas or navigating urban environments, our sprays provide discreet and effective protection that you can carry with you wherever you go.

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