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Bodyguard 20g Dog Repellent Double Keyring

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Peace of mind is more convenient than ever with this keyring dog repellent spray. The durable plastic shell and quick-detach clip allow for safe and convenient carry on your belt, bag, or keys. Bodyguard’s powerful pepper spray formula is capable of incapacitating an aggressive dog in seconds flat, saving you and your pet’s life.

Why choose this pepper spray?

  • Uses the strongest formulation permitted in Canada
  • Twist top trigger prevents accidental discharge
  • Plastic case protects can from damage
  • Quick detach keyring keeps spray immediately accessible
  • Convenient size for carry while walking, jogging, or cycling
  • Non-toxic formula provides non-lethal effects

Why not?

  • Stream sprays require greater accuracy than cone sprays
  • Not effective on targets more than 6 feet away
  • Compact can contains only 25 sprays worth of fluid

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Pro tip:
Pepper sprays commonly come with one of two spray patterns: cone and stream. Cone sprays release in a fan shape to reach a wide area, so direct aim is not essential. Stream sprays release in a single focused line, so they require more accuracy, but deliver a great concentration of fluid to the target.

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