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Don't venture the wilds without a military backpack to carry your gear. Our tactical backpacks are made with durable materials and come in various colourways such as olive drab and camouflage. Stay prepared on long treks with these superior army backpacks, built to store your equipment and prized firearms without slowing you down.

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Military Backpacks for Tactical Storage

A military-style backpack is an essential form of storage for hikers and hunters alike. Shop the best selection of tactical packs from brands like Condor, 5.11 Tactical, and NcSTAR.

MOLLE Packs: The Military Standard

Short for "modular lightweight load-carrying equipment", MOLLE packs are the standard rucksacks for most military units today. Consisting of four main components, the tactical assault panel, the pack, a hydration bladder, and the numberous modular pouches, MOLLE packs make gear attachment and storage conveniently quick and easy. Customize your pack with some MOLLE pouches and hydration packs, and you'll be ready to face the outdoors.

ALICE Bags: A Rugged Classic

ALICE, or "all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment" packs, were once the official equipment attachment system and accessory set used by the military since 1973. Although they are phased out of the army now, many still prefer the rugged setup of this classic military rucksack. Our line of military surplus packs are made from vintage canvas material for an authentic G.I. type of storage.

Are military backpacks good for school?

With a military style rucksack, you'll never have to worry about your important school supplies and textbooks falling out of your bag. Our tough packs are built to last and you can cram all your books in a MOLLE pack with no problem.

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