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Throwing Knives

There's nothing like throwing a knife straight and steady and hitting your target right on point. At Gorilla Surplus, we offer a wide range of throwing knives whether you throw for fun or you throw for tactical use. We carry the best throwing knives from brands like reknowned knife makers like Gil Hibben, Cold Steel, and SOG.

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Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are different from ordinary knives in that they are specially designed and weighted to be thrown effectively. Rather than being used for cutting or slicing, they are meant to be thrown and pierce their targets. With a set of kunai knives, you can feel like a ninja ready to strike in the deep of night.

A Balancing Act

Throwing knives can be either balanced or unbalanced. A balanced knife has its center of gravity at its center and when thrown it will follow a near circular trajectory during flight. Unbalanced knives, however, typically have heavier handles and the center of gravity is not in the knife's geometric center. The trajectory is less predictable because of the difference in diameter between the knife's blade and handle.

The Importance of Weight

The weight of a throwing knife and the speed at which it's thrown determines the impact power. Lighter knives are easier to throw but may not penetrate the target properly and bounce back as a result. Heavier knives on the other hand, are more stable when thrown and can cause more damage to the target. However, they require more strength for accurate throwing.

Gil Hibben Throwing Knives

Gil Hibben is president of The Knifemaker's Guild and a member of the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame. He has designed knives and swords for major motion pictures, such as Rambo III and The Expendables. He is also the "Official Klingon Armorer" for the Star Trek movies. His throwing knives and axes represent the industry standard, and should be at the top of your list.

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