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Airsoft Rifles

Shoot in top condition with the best selection of airsoft rifles online. Our wide range of firearms include sniper rifles and assault rifles for use in all CQB and tactical airsoft games. These guns perform at top-of-the-line standards and are great for use by all airsoft enthusiasts, from beginners to experts. Dominate your airsoft games with rifles from reputable brands such as G&G, ASG, and WE Airsoft.

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Airsoft Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles

Choose from AEGs, green gas-powered, spring-powered, or CO2 rifles to shoot with. An airsoft rifle is no good on its own, so we also carry an expansive selection of airsoft ammo, batteries & chargers, and spare magazines that you can arm yourself with.

Assault Rifles: Rapid-Fire Shooting

The most popular form of airsoft rifles, assault rifles are widely used in airsoft military simulation games and are a great choice of firearm for shooting practice. Automatic electric guns, or AEGs for short, are the majority of the airsoft guns we have for sale. Other assault rifles include spring-powered, green-gas, and CO2 variations.

Metal Gearbox AEGs

Seasoned airsoft veterans know that AEGs with metal gearboxes are far more superior than their plastic gearbox counterparts. Aside from being built from a much more durable material, AEGs with metal gearboxes also shoot harder and more accurate. Luckily, Gorilla Surplus has a wide array of internal parts for airsoft AEGs, including metal gearboxes, hop-ups, gears, and bearings.

Sniper Rifles: Long-Range Precision Shooting

For those that like to take their time lining up their shots, Gorilla Surplus stocks a wide range of sniper rifles perfect for the more tactically inclined. Sniper rifles are built with long barrels, allowing for enhanced precision compared to shorter-barrelled guns. Customize your rifle with our selection of scopes and lasers and upgrade your shooting accuracy.

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