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Blank Guns

What are Blank Guns?

Blank Guns are firearms that fire blank cartridges, which produce a sound and feel like real guns but do not fire a projectile.

Uses of Blank Guns

Blank Guns are used for:

Safety and Guidelines

Blank Guns can mimic real firearms, but are designed to be safer and more controlled. However, they can still be dangerous if not handled properly, so they should be used with caution and following proper safety guidelines.

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Blank Revolvers and Starter Pistols

Make some noise with one of your own 9mm blank guns. Known for their realistic firing sound, blank guns are often used as starter pistols for signalling the start of a race. Blank pistols are also commonly used to train hunting dogs for conditioning them to the sound of gunfire. These blank-firing handguns are powerful and have the same or greater potential energy than a conventional cartridge.

Rohm Blank Guns

Experience expert German manufacturing in the palm of your hands with your own Rohm firearm. Röhm Gesellschaft, or RG for short, are well known for their product line of gas alarm guns, flare guns, starting pistols, and handguns. Check out the Rohm revolvers for sale at Gorilla Surplus like the RG-89, RG-56, and the Little Joe!

Realistic Film & Stage Props

Get as close to an authentic firing experience as you can without the danger of bullets with a blank gun. Because of the powerful muzzle sound and flash they can produce, blank pistols are commonly used for productions on the stage and on TV and film. Our replica blank guns are also very realistic in appearance, so the addition of one of these authentic pistols will greatly increase the production value of anything it is used in.


Are blank guns legal in Canada?

All blank guns for sale at Gorilla Surplus are completely legal for purchase in Canada. They do not require a license to own. The use of blank guns, however, are different from province to province. Familiarize yourself with the laws governing the use of blank guns that apply to your region and stay up-to-date on the changing regulations.

Why are blank guns so expensive?

Although they don't shoot bullets or BBs, these guns can go up to the hundreds of dollars. However, blank guns must be made almost as well as real firearms due to the high temperatures these guns must be able to withstand from the hot gases.

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