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Rohm RG-89 6 Shot Blank Revolver

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Experience the quality of German production with this Rohm RG-89 Blank Revolver. The gun houses a swing out ammo cylinder that fits 6 shots of 9 mm (.380 cal) blanks. A flare adaptor can simply screw onto the barrel for easy firing of pyro scare cartridges.

Why choose this gun?

  • Realistic and high quality metal construction
  • Textured plastic handle for a firm grip
  • Revolver style fire in both single and double action
  • Can be modified to shoot flares with an adaptor
  • Authentic German production
  • Perfect for using as a movie or theatre prop

Why not?

  • Fires blanks, not live rounds
  • Doesn't come with a flare adaptor

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Pro Tip:
Single-action and double-action refer to how a gun's mechanism operates. In single-action, one action is performed when the trigger is pulled. The hammer first needs to be manually cocked before the gun can shoot. In double-action, pulling the trigger automatically cocks the hammer and shoots the gun.


Ammo Type:Blank
Caliber:9 mm PAK (.35 cal)
Gun Action:Single Shot
Trigger Action:Double/Single
Material:Metal & Plastic

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