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Metal M67 Replica Grenade

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This M67 "baseball grenade" replica will blow your socks off. Fear not, it's hollowed out and fully inert, but still looks and feels just like the real thing. The M67 is an essential piece of Canadian and American military history and will make a handsome addition to any WWI or WWII collection.

Why choose this replica grenade?

  • Realistic full metal construction
  • Authentic M67 replica design
  • Flat ground bottom can stand upright for display
  • Separate piece pin and spoon assembly
  • Makes a realistic prop for film or theatre productions

Why not?

  • Spoon and pin assembly are not spring loaded
  • Hollow frame detracts from realism

Pro tip:
Fragmentation grenades, like the M67, have a pre-formed fragmentation matrix on their frame that is designed to break apart into shrapnel upon detonation. Whereas concussion grenades, like the Mk 40, are designed to damage targets with explosive power alone.

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