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ASG Precision Ammunition Airsoft BBs

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Seasoned snipers won't want to try anything else once they've shot with ASG's Precision Ammunition Airsoft BBs. These BBs are extremely consistent in size, varying only 5.96 mm to 5.98 mm in dimension. A special coating on the BBs improves smoothness and lubrication to ensure little to no loss of compression during shooting.

Available in .36g, .40g, and .43g BBs.

Why choose these BBs?

  • Heavy BBs can travel long distances with stability and accuracy
  • Ideal ammo for gas or spring sniper rifles
  • Reusable wide mouth bottle for convenient storage and easy pouring
  • High quality BBs are consistent in size and specially coated for lubrication
  • White plastic BBs are easy to track

Why not?

  • Non-biodegradeable BBs can be harmful for the environment
  • Heavy weight means lower velocity compared to lighter weight BBs

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Pro Tip:
It’s important to match your airgun with appropriately weighted BBs or pellets. Heavier rounds have superior accuracy, but require higher muzzle velocity. Lighter rounds and pellets will shoot further, but are less consistent in their trajectory.


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