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ROHM Five Shot Blank gun Adapter

Out of Stock

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Outfit your RG-59, RG-88 or RG-89 with this ROHM Five Shot Blank Pistol Adapter. Make a point in scaring away animals and make sure they never come back by firing five pyrotechnic cartridges in their direction. The adapter can be mounted in seconds just by screwing on the front of your gun and is compact for easy carry and storage.

Why choose this gun adapter:

  • Fires five shots at once as an aggressive repellent
  • Easily screws onto the front of your gun
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Powered by 9mm blanks
  • Can fire pyrotechnic cartridges such as flares and bangers

Why not?

  • Only compatible with the specifically listed guns (RG-59, RG-88, RG-89)
  • Firing multiple projectiles at once can be dangerous

Next level gun: RG-88 9Mm P.A.K. Blank Pistol

Pro Tip:
A blank refers to a gunpowder filled cartridge without the presence of a bullet, BB or pellet to be fired. They are most often used to simulate the sound of a gun out of a realistic gun body. Common blank gun uses include theatre productions, sporting events and scaring away animals.

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