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Gender Reveal

Wow everyone at your baby's gender reveal party with our selection of coloured smoke grenades! Choose from blue or pink gender reveal smoke bombs and surprise your guests with the marvelous effects!

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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

In need of cool gender reveal ideas for your baby shower party? We've got wire pull smoke grenades and confetti reveal cannons that to surprise and astound everyone at your party in a unique way. Gender reveal smoke bombs are super easy and fun to use, and the Enola Gaye grenades we have are non-toxic and are safe for use. Enola Gaye pyrotechnics use a “cool burn” ignition system, which does not produce any external flame. This keeps the grenade’s casing at a relatively low temperature. It is safe to hold Enola Gaye smoke grenades throughout ignition and burning, though it is recommended you wear gloves. Avoid breathing in the smoke when you can, especially for those with asthmatic problems and respiratory difficulties.

For those looking for something more simple, our Confetti Reveal Cannons that come in blue and pink are a cheap and simple alternative. These hand-held biodegradable confetti cannons will pop out the colour of your baby's gender when released!

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades

Having manufactured pyrotechnic products for over 20 years, Enola Gaye produces a range of smoke bombs and grenades that can be used for anything from military simulation airsoft games to creating vivid and engaging photography shoots. The Wire-Pull Smoke Grenade is their most popular product, coming in a range of colours to suit the needs of the user. If you need something a little more compact, the EG25 Micro Smoke Grenade is a sleek micro model that will provide a subtle plume of smoke on the airsoft or paintball field.

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