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SOL Scout Emergency Survival Kit

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If you lose your way while hiking, hunting, or camping, you can trust Survive Outdoors Longer to provide you with supplies that will keep you alive. The Scout Emergency Survival Kit includes a Mini Rescue Flash signal mirror, a Slim Rescue Howler whistler, a Fire Lite sparker with 4 Tinder Quik tabs, a duct tape roll, a liquid-filled button compass, a fishing and sewing kit, and a 2-person survival blanket—all packed inside a plastic water-proof pouch.

Why choose this survival kit?

  • Plastic pouch can keep supplies dry or store water
  • Fire Lite and Tinder Quik can start a fire in damp or wet conditions
  • Sewing kit can be used for repairs and basic first aid
  • Slim Rescue Howler creates 110dB of sound
  • Mini Rescue Flash has retro-reflective aiming aid for easy, one-handed use

Why not?

  • Does not include any type of blade
  • Does not include flashlight for signaling at night
  • Plastic pouch is not as durable as metal

Next level survival kit: Rothco Stainless Steel Survival Kit

Pro tip:
Signal mirrors are used to reflect sunlight as a distress signal to aircraft pilots. If you are lost, it is a good idea to continuously sweep the horizon with your signal, even if there are no aircraft in sight. Pilots have reported seeing mirror flashes up to 160 kilometers away.

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