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Streetwise Stun Gun Baton

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Equip yourself like a modern day barbarian with the latest baton from Streetwise Security Products. Get a stun gun, baton, and a flashlight all in one tactical tool to ward off any assailant foolish enough to approach you. Boasting a powerful 9 million volt stun gun, this baton has a terrifyingly loud and electrifying spark.

Why choose this baton?

  • Utilizes Triple Stun Technology to create electrical charge between three separate points for a large stun radius
  • CREE LED flashlight over 180 lumen, bright enough to disorient foes when shined in the eyes
  • Military grade aluminum alloy material is shock proof to protect against damage
  • Over 19 inches long, allowing you to maintain distance from your attacker while defending yourself
  • Easily switch between 3 light modes: 100%, 50%, flashing strobe
  • Three levels of fail-safe features to prevent accidental discharge

Why not?

  • Long length and bulky weight is not convenient for everyday carry and concealment
  • Aluminum alloy easily dings or scratches compared to steel

Pro Tip:
When testing the stun gun, only one electrical arc may be visible to the eye. Test fire against a blank piece of paper to see that all three arcs do jump across baton.


Is Expandable:No
Length:17 inch to 25 inch

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