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Free shipping on orders over $200


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The sniper rifle is the ultimate long-range gun built for precision and accuracy. Find sniper airsoft rifles powered by green gas, spring, CO2, and electricity inside. Gear up with sniper accessories like sniper scopes, sniper veils, fingerless sniper mittens, and more.

We offer free shipping in Canada on all online orders over $200! Shop our selection of sniper gear from rifles to accessories now.

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Snipers: The Silent Threat

Gain the upper hand on your opponents and take them out from afar with a long-range sniper rifle. At Gorilla Surplus, we've got the right kind of sniper airsoft guns for sale that will take your shooting to the next level. Take your pick from a variety of different rifle types, like electric airsoft sniper rifles that have full automatic shooting capabilities, or the more traditional bolt-action sniper rifle for a realistic shooting experience. Spring sniper rifles keeps shooting true-to-life with a single shot pull-back action during shooting. Popular rifles include the Amoeba Striker S1 Gen II Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, the ASG Sportline AI .308 Green Gas Sniper Rifle, and the KJ Works MK1 Carbine Green Gas Airsoft Rifle. In addition to rifles, you can also shop for gear to add to your airsoft sniper loadout, from sniper scopes to sniper veils.

Sniper Scopes: Enhanced Vision

The search for the best sniper scopes in airsoft ends here. An airsoft rifle scope is an essential tactical accessory for any long distance shooter, providing extra range, added clarity, and ultra-precise instruments that can compensate for windage, elevation, and parallax. Scopes can also give you an extra edge over the opposing team in military simulation games as reconnaissance equipment, allowing you to spot enemies moving around or to find objectives from long distances. You can also find airsoft sniper scope mounts and rings, so you can securely install and adjust optics with ease onto your rifle.

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