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Russian GP-5 Gas Mask Kit

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The GP-5 is a Soviet-manufactured gas mask, designed during the Cold War to protect civilians from nuclear fallout. It features the single-filter, sealed glass-eye SHM-62u face piece. The rubber shell stretches to form a tight seal around the users head to protect against radioactive, biological, and chemical agents. This package includes the original pieces distributed to fallout shelters from 1962 - 1989: a face piece, filter, anti-fogging lens inserts, and an oliver drab carrying bag.

Why choose this gas mask?

  • Protects lungs and face from toxic agents, radioactive dust and bacteriological aerosols
  • Rubber exterior can stretch to fit most head seizes
  • Can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 114°C
  • Authentic piece of Soviet cold war memorabilia
  • Comes with original standard issue carrying bag kit

Why not?

  • Rubber face piece may not fit extra-large head sizes
  • Filter loses its effectiveness over time
  • Glass eye-pieces are prone to fogging

Pro tip:
There are two types of respirators: Air-purifying respirators, also known as “gas masks”, which decontaminate the air by forcing it through a filter, and air-supplied respirators, which deliver fresh oxygen from a fully-sealed tank.

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