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Propper Mens Lightweight Tactical Trouser

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Propper's Lightweight Tactical Trouser is engineered with high-quality materials and functional designs to meet the evolving needs of tactical and public safety professionals. Built for performance, this trouser can be worn on or off duty and has a durable, consistent appearance. Coated with DuPontTM Teflon, it repels liquids and stains in addition to being fade and wrinkle-resistant. Features a snap-cap closure with French Fly, heavy-duty reinforced seat and knees, action stretch waistband, eleven pockets with internal knee pad openings, 2 wallet pocket-in-a-pockets, two coin pockets, reinforced front pocket openings, cell phone pocket large enough for a PDA, extra large belt loops and a handy D-Ring for keys or tools.


Fade and Wrinkle Resistant
DuPont Teflon Coating Repels Liquids and Stains
Sturdy Snap Cap Closure with French Fly
Heavy-Duty Reinforced Seat and Knee
Action Stretch Waistband
Eleven Pocket Design
Internal Knee Pad Openings
Wallet Pocket-in-a-Pocket
Two Coin Pockets
Reinforced Front Pocket Opening
Cell Phone Pocket, Large Enough for a PDA
Extra Large Belt Loops for Nylon Duty Belt
Handy D-Ring for Keys or Tools


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