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Outdoor Edge Griz-Saw 8-Inch Spare Blade

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Has your Griz-Saw lost its edge? Breathe new life into it with this replacement saw blade! Whether it’s been damage or just grown dull, all it takes is a Phillips screwdriver to swap out the old blade and start sawing like new again. Keep a spare on hand and you'll never have to worry about binding or warping.

Why choose this saw?

  • Extends the lifespan of Griz-Saw
  • Avoids the hassle of complicated saw sharpening
  • Can be stored in the Griz-Saw sheath for later use

Why not?

  • Only compatible with the Outdoor Edge Griz-Saw

Pro tip:
When sawing through wood, a “rip-cut” cuts along the grain, while a “cross-cut” cuts perpendicular to the grain. Cross-cuts are much more strenuous on the saw and more likely to lead to binding or warping of the blade.


Knife Edge:Serrated Edge
Steel:65 Mn carbon spring steel
Blade Length:8 inch
Best Use:Camp/Hike
Blade Style:Saw
Blade Finish:Satin
Blade Thickness:0.06"

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