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One Point Quick-Detach Bungee Sling

PRICE: $12.49
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Snap your rifle on and off with speed and ease using the One Point Quick-Detach Bungee Sling. The QD buckle allows you to drop your gun or sub in a new one, without the need to remove the sling. A single point snap hook keeps your firearm in the ready position without limiting your range of movement. Constructed from 1.38-inch nylon webbing with dual inner bungee cords.

Why choose this sling?

  • Quick-release buckle allows for fast weapon removal
  • HK style snap hook is compatible with most sling plates and rings
  • Single point attachment maximizes maneuverability
  • Dual bungee cord straps absorb shock

Why not?

  • Does not provide as much support as a two or three point sling
  • Webbing is not padded

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Pro tip:
Rifle slings come in one-point, two-point, and three-point variations. The number indicates how many anchor points connect the sling to the rifle. The more anchor points you have, the more stability the sling provides. However slings with more anchors can also get in the way when you’re trying to access different parts of the gun.



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