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Nitecore TINI Mini Metallic Keychain Flashlight

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The Nitecore TINI is a powerful source of light that's smaller than the palm of your hand! This pocket-sized keychain light uses a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED that's capable of shining a maximum 380 lumens beam for as far as 64 meters. Keep the TINI with you at all times in your pocket or attach it as a keychain for use in emergencies, household tasks, or for simple everyday carry.

Why choose this flashlight?

  • CREE XP-G2 S3 LED emits a 380 lumens beam at max output
  • Built-in 280 mAh Li-ion battery is rechargeable via USB port
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry around and keep in your pocket
  • Aero grade aluminum alloy material is solid, durable, and resistant to water and dust
  • Bead surface optic lens provides a uniform and soft light
  • LED power indicator shows charging state and remaining power level

Why not?

  • Cannot be submerged in water
  • Runs for only 15 minutes on highest brightness output

Pro Tip:
Lumens are a measure of the total visible light emitted by a source and are the current standard for measuring the power of flashlights and lightbulbs. Wattage used to be the standard, but this unit only represents energy use, and modern energy-efficient LED lights can generate a lot of light with minimal watts.


Max Beam Distance:64 m64 m64 m

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