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Nitecore IMR 18650C 2500mAh 30A Electric Cigarette Battery

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The Nitecore IMR 18650C Electronic Cigarette Battery delivers more than enough power to run your high drain devices. Specially made for vaping devices, this battery boasts a 2500mAh capacity with a max pulse discharge of 30A. The design is made cost-effective and environmentally friendly with state of the art, rechargeable li-mn cells.

Why choose this battery?

  • 3.6V battery can power high-end vaping devices and electronic cigarettes
  • Can be recharged over 500 cycles
  • High-performance circuit board prevents short-circuits, overcharging, and over discharge
  • Flat top 18650 configuration is compatible with most devices

Why not?

  • 2500mAh capacity has lower runtime compared to higher capacity batteries
  • Charger not included

Compatible charger: NITSC2, NITUM10, NITUM20, NITD4, NITI2

Pro Tip:
A mAh rating stands for milliamp per hour, and refers to the battery's power capacity. The larger the mAh rating, the longer you can use the device before the battery drains.


Battery Type:18650
Battery mAh:2500 mAh
Battery Chemistry:Li-MnO2
Battery Voltage:3.6V

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