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Military Style Basic Airsoft Goggle

PRICE: $39.99

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The Military Style Basic Airsoft Goggles are authorized U.S. Army eyewear that combine protection and comfort. The polycarbonate lens are protected against fogging and scratching so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in combat. The face strap system comfortably seals the goggles around your eyes and fits comfortably over most helmets and hats.

Why choose these goggles?

  • Polycarbonate lens provide protection
  • Wide field of view
  • OcuMax coating prevents the lens from fogging
  • Foam around the mask forms a tight seal
  • Air vents provide airflow
  • Adjustable head strap for a comfortable fit that won’t slip
  • 100% protection from UV rays

Why not?

  • Clear lens can cause glare from the sun
  • May be uncomfortable if worn over glasses

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Pro Tip:
Fogging occurs when there is a sudden shift in temperatures causing water droplets to form. The OcuMax coating prevents fogging by not allowing this condensation to occur. OcuMax has been specifically engineered to excel in rigorous combat situations through constant wear.



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