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Medusa M4/M16 Series AEG Bolt Catch

PRICE: $14.99
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This high quality bolt catch manufacturer by Medusa is made for M4 and M5 style airsoft AEG rifles. Equip it onto your receiver and start shooting with ease again.

Why choose this bolt catch?

  • Excellent replacement for stock bolt catches
  • Steel alloy build is sturdy and resistant to scratching
  • Easy to install
  • Fits onto most M4/M15 series AEGs

Why not?

  • Can be torn off if not installed properly

Pro Tip:
A bolt catch is a useful gun feature that appears on almost all AR-style rifles. The catch is a lever positioned beneath the bolt, allowing it to catch the bolt after the last round is fired. This helps speed up the reloading process, as shooters only need to replace the old magazine with a fresh one and release the bolt catch to start shooting again.

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