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Medusa FH556 Rifle Flash Hider 14mm CCW

PRICE: $29.99
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This flash hider from Medusa will help you shoot with no visual obstruction during firing. Its 14mm CCW threaded design is compatible with most rifles, including M4, MK16, and other SCAR style AEGs.

Why choose this flash hider?

  • Fits on any 14mm CCW threaded rifle barrel
  • Suppresses rifle flash during firing
  • Rigid steel construction protects against nicks and scratches
  • Corrosion-resistant matte black finish

Why not?

  • Does not suppress sound of muzzle blast

Pro Tip:
A flash suppressor or hider is a device attached to the muzzle of a rifle designed to reduce the bright light that occurs when firing. This comes in handy in low-lighting shooting conditions, as it prevents the shooter from being blinded by their own fire.

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