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Medusa 15 Half Steel Airsoft Piston

PRICE: $24.99
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Medusa's 15 Half Steel Airsoft Piston is next upgrade you need for your rifle's gearbox. Armed with a full rack of 15 half teeth, this piston will give you more time for rapid shooting.

Why choose this piston?

  • Reinforced piston provides extended rapid and prolonged firing time
  • 15 steel half teeth are durable
  • Polymer body is impact-resistant

Why not?

  • Full steel teeth rack may wear out gears faster

Pro Tip:
With any piston, you should correct your angle of engagement, either using washers on the piston head or with a sorbo pad on the cylinder head. Ultimately, a piston is expected to wear over time and should be replaced at some point in time.

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