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M4/M16 300rd Metal Airsoft Magazine

$28.86 Up to 10% OFF
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VFC took the Umarex-licensed H&K platform and manufactured a powerful AEG in this M27 IAR replica. Based off the HK416, the M27 is the current issue rifle of the US Marine Corps. This airsoft version boasts several features to look just like the real steel such as the functional bolt catch, charging handle lever, quad-railed handguard, and authentic H&K markings on its all metal body.

Compatible gun: VFC1001, VFC1000, WE1005, ICS1012, GAGEGR-16P-RSH-BBB-NCM, UMX2269600

Why choose this gun?

  • Authentic replica of the M27 IAR with licensed H&K markings
  • Full metal receiver, rail system, and inner barrel looks and feels like the real steel
  • Realistic M27 lever on charging handle and functional bolt catch
  • V2 gearbox equipped with high torque motor and 8mm bearings
  • Retractable crane stock has easy-access battery compartment
  • Adjustable flip-up front and rear sights aid in target acquisition

Why not?

  • Does not feature 3-round burst firing mode
  • Not suitable for CQB scenarios

Battery and charger sold separately.

Pro Tip:
A gearbox is the power system inside electric guns. Inside every gearbox are bearings, which fit into holes on either side of the box and allow the gears to rotate smoothly. Larger bearings (8mm or 9mm) handle stress better and spin faster, increasing the gun's rate of fire.


Ammo Type:Airsoft

Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)

Power Source:Electric

Magazine Capacity:300

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