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Free shipping on orders over $200


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Knives & Swords

Explore our range of durable and stylish knives and swords at Gorilla Surplus. Whether it's for outdoor adventures or tactical training, find the perfect tools to suit your needs. Find your ideal choice from our selection of Folding KnivesTraining KnivesFixed Blade KnivesThrowing KnivesSwordsPractice SwordsAxesTactical PensMulti-ToolsSpearsFighting Walking SticksMachetesKnife SharpenersKnife Sheaths and Other Gear. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200!

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Gun Gear

Discover the Perfect Gear for Your Firearm!

Enhance your shooting experience with our wide range of high-quality gun gear at Gorilla Surplus. Whether you're a seasoned marksman, a tactical enthusiast, or a recreational shooter, we have the gear to meet your needs. Explore the diverse selection of gun gear available on our website:

Grips & Foregrips:

Grips and foregrips are essential attachments for firearms that significantly improve handling and control. Grips, typically mounted at the rear, and foregrips, positioned at the front, enhance stability, comfort, and accuracy for shooters.


Scopes are optical aiming devices mounted on firearms to increase accuracy by magnifying the target. These sighting tools are indispensable for precision shooting at various distances, ensuring precise and effective target acquisition.

Laser Pointers:

Laser pointers project a laser beam to indicate the exact point of aim, aiding in rapid target acquisition and improving accuracy, especially in low-light conditions. They are valuable tools for tactical and competitive shooting.

Rails, Mounts & Sights:


Rails, such as Picatinny or Weaver rails, are platforms attached to firearms, allowing the attachment of various accessories for customization and versatility.


Mounts are fixtures used to secure accessories onto rails, ensuring stability and compatibility for added gear.


Sights, including iron sights and optical sights, aid in aligning the firearm with the target, enhancing accuracy and precision in shooting scenarios.


Slings are straps that attach to firearms, allowing shooters to carry the weapon over the shoulder or across the body, offering convenience and freeing up hands for other tasks.

Gun Holsters:

Gun holsters are carriers designed to securely hold firearms, typically worn on the belt, thigh, or shoulder for safe and accessible storage of the weapon.


Bi-pods are support devices with two legs that attach to firearms, providing stability and minimizing movement during shooting, especially beneficial for long-range and precision shooting applications.

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