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KJ Works M4-V3 GBB Airsoft Rifle

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KJ Works and Tanio Koba have packed a lot of power into this gas blowback rifle. The M4-V3 CQB packs a real wallop with a muzzle velocity exceeding 400 FPS. The realistic lo-cap 30 round magazine has an oversized gas tank that maximizes fuel efficiency. The short barrel and telescopic stock are ideal for tight maneuvers in confined space. With a burly full metal construction and upgraded internals, the M4-V3 is built to last.

Why choose this gun?

  • Construction is almost entirely metal inside and out
  • Powerful gas blowback system provides realistic kickback with every shot
  • C8 thermold magazine has a large gas tank
  • Functional bolt catch and forward release add to realism
  • Quad RIS barrel provides ample room for accessory customization
  • Blank frame allows for custom engravings and paint jobs

Why not?

  • Lo-cap magazine requires frequent reloading
  • Fire selector is not ambidextrous
  • Frame has no trademarks or engravings

Compatible magazine: KJ1003, ASG16575

Pro tip:
A bolt catch is a useful gun feature that appears on almost all AR-style rifles. The catch is a lever positioned beneath the bolt, allowing it to catch the bolt after the last round is fired. This helps speed up the reloading process, as shooters only need to replace the old magazine with a fresh one and release the bolt catch to start shooting again.


Ammo Type:Airsoft
FPS:400 to 450
Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
Gun Action:Semi & Fully Automatic
Power Source:Green Gas
Ammo Weight:.20g
Material:Full Metal
Front Sight:Post
Rear Sight:Adjustable
Magazine Capacity:30

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