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Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye smoke grenades are some of the most widely used smoke products in the world today. Designed in the UK, all Enola Gaye products are made under strict quality control and vigorously tested for safety and performance. These smokes grenades are known for their cool-burn technology which produces no external flame as the temperature of the cartridge is lower than the military and marine distress smokes. This reduces the risk of fire making it safe and easy to use in training sessions or airsoft games. Enola Gaye smoke grenades are one of the most popular of airsoft accessories for any serious player.

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Enola Gaye: Origins

Founded in 1996, Enola Gaye is the longest running pyrotechnic company manufacturing products for the airsoft and paintball industries. The company started with an idea to manufacture a biodegradeable pyrotechnic paint grenade made from papier-mâché that looked just like its real grenade counterpart. The smoke grenades for which the brand would later become most known for was added to their roster during development of their original paint grenade.

Where does the Enola Gaye name come from?

The company name references the bomber plane, Enola Gay, which was the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb during World War II. The controversial company name originated from a time when paintball itself was in the midst of controversy, trying to establish itself as a reputable industry. In 2005, the company directors considered undergoing a name change, but the market's recognition of the brand name deemed it was not the best thing to do commercially.

Wire Pull™ Smoke Grenades

Developed around a military grade ignition system, the Wire Pull™ is Enola Gaye's most widely-used line of smoke grenades. Smoke ignition is achieved by sharply pulling a wire ring to the side of the grenade canister, similar to how a real military pull-ring grenade is detonated. Enola Gaye smoke grenades that utilize this ignition system include the WP40, EG18X, EG18, CM75, and the Burst Smoke.

Are Enola Gaye smoke bombs safe for use?

As long as they are properly used according to instructions, all Enola Gaye smoke products are perfectly safe to use. Enola Gaye manufacture their grenades using a non-toxic chemical composition free of sulphur. Enola Gaye's grenades are made with water-based dyes so any light staining can be washed off over time. However, it is not guaranteed that surfaces that were in contact with the coloured smoke will not be permanently stained.

In Every Colour of the Rainbow

We carry vibrant smoke grenades from Enola Gaye like their Wire-Pull Smoke Grenades, Burst Smoke Grenades, and Military Grade EG18X Smoke Grenades. All Enola Gaye smoke grenades come in a range of colours to suit your preference: from bright colours like orange and yellow, to bold colours like blue and red, and more subdued colours such as black smoke and white smoke.

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