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Cold Steel Walkabout Walking Stick

$41.99 Up to 5% OFF
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Throughout history, every culture has had their own interpretation of the quintessential walking stick. From the city gentleman to the hard-working farmer, every man had a stick! These awesome tools were once incredibly commonplace, but sadly carrying a stick fell from popular fashion.

We’ve long championed a revival of this practice and we’ve worked hard to try and encourage people to bring back this once-great tradition! The walking stick is so much more than just an aid to stability for the injured, ill or infirm. As any hiker or outdoorsman will tell you, it’s also an excellent tool for traversing rough, slippery, uneven and treacherous terrain, a useful pointer or probe – and in dire straits it makes a capable self-defense option!

The Walkabout was a much loved classic from our earlier line up. A fan favorite that just begged to be re-released.The latest incarnation of this popular design is made from incredibly durable and highly impact resistant polypropylene. Unlike wood, it’s extremely weather resistant, and withstands inclement conditions that would cause a conventional stick to crack, warp or rot. The Walkabouts handsome wood grain texture provides an excellent grip without sacrificing comfort or ease of use, and its simple one-piece construction makes it unbelievably tough while still remaining light enough to carry and use all day!

ManufacturerCold Steel Knives


  • Weight: 26.1 oz.
  • Overall Length: 38 1/2 Inch
  • Head Length: 2 1/3 Inch



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Customer Reviews

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Date posted: Jan 14, 2020

After having the Walkabout for a little over a week now, I can finally share my thoughts on this wonderful walking aid. Im 27 years old and after slipping/falling on some ice, I unfortunately require a walking aid to take some of the stress off a damaged hip joint. Since the crime rate in my area is on the rise, I figured it would be better to spend a bit more money on something more durable incase I’m ever in a situation where I need to defend myself. I’m 6ft tall with fairly large hands. I find the traditional curved handle or T handle canes make my fingers very sore after gripping the cane with a closed fist for longer periods of time. The spherical head on the Walkabout allows me to grip with a half open palm, resulting in no soreness of my fingers. Also the length of the Walkabout is just perfect for my height. I added a rubber cane tip which bumped up the length to 39” and couldn’t be happier with the fitment. The Walkabout has a good weighted feel to it. Not to heavy, not too light. I love the subtle wood grain texture, it’s a nice homage/tribute to the original hickory wood Walkabout (1999) and the ash wood Walkabout XL (2005). I’m confident that this cane will last my entire lifetime or longer and I can’t thank Cold Steel enough for making such a wonderful product alongside all of their other great products! 10/10

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Good stick
Date posted: Jan 03, 2020

I recently acquired this stick and have found it to be an excellent item. A nice weight and easy to carry. For a walk or hike it provides that little extra assistance over rough terrain. As somebody who deals with the occasional need for support due to chronic issues from a leg injury, it also makes a good mobility aid at those times. The texturing of the grain overcomes the usual slickness of polypropylene nicely. I would highly recommend that you add a rubber tip for either use. It has a tendency to "skate" away from you on smooth rock in the field or hard floors in town. Once this is done, you should be good to go.

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