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Cheap Place Patch Galactic Explorer

In Stock

Most of our embroidered patches are aimed at bikers, outdoor types, and people who like to push buttons by displaying provocative messages on their clothing. But every once in a while, we come across a patch that targets a different crowd. That is the case with the Galactic Explorer patch.

Literally, anyone can buy this patch and sew it to a piece of clothing. But one glance seems to suggest it's for younger patch wearers with a fascination for space. It would make a great selection for a boys’ or girls’ club with a heavy focus on space exploration and aeronautics.

Imagine a group of kids who get together once a week to learn about space exploration. They might all have an identical uniform shirt or jacket denoting membership in their club. The Galactic Explorer patch would be the ideal emblem for that uniform. We mention that to say this: we do offer wholesale accounts for customers looking to purchase embroidered patches in bulk.

We have also seen patches like this used for trading purposes. You patch traders out there, you know who you are. Adding a couple of these to your collection would give you some unique patches that might land you some big scores during future trading escapades.

At 4 x 4 inches, you don't need a lot of fabric to mount this patch. And because it's circular, you don't have to worry about hard edges curling up and causing problems. Sew around the entire perimeter with a quality black thread to keep everything in place. And if you are mounting to denim, cotton, or a poly-cotton blend, you can always apply the patch with a hot iron or heat press.


  • Dimension: 4x4 inch
  • Color: Blue / Black / Red / White / Orange
  • Fabric: Twill
  • Backing: Ivamis Trading logo Plastic Iron on Backing
  • Borders: Embroidered Laser Cut Borders
  • Patch Style: Artwork with Text
  • Material: Twill Fabric, Rayon Thread, Plastic Backing
  • Iron on Instructions: Use a Heat Press for 30 seconds set at 285 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips for Ironing on Patch: Plug in iron. Crank it to the highest setting. Place the iron on top of your garment with a frying pan thermometer sandwiched between the iron and garment to start the preheating process. Once the temperature reaches 280 Degrees Fahrenheit unplug your iron. The temperature will continue to rise and then start to decline. Once it declines to 280 Degrees Fahrenheit, Slide the iron, place your patch and press the iron on top of your patch as hard as you can for 30 seconds without moving the iron around. Do not mess with the patch until it has completely cooled down. A household iron will not work as well as a heat press. Do not iron on patches to Leather or Nylon.

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