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Batons & Nightsticks

Batons are powerful self-defence weapons that are a necessity in any law enforcement officer's arsenal of tools. Choose expandable batons for convenient carry and rapid deployment or go with a fixed nightstick for a reliable non-lethal weapon. Our selection of police batons includes models from industry-leading brands such as ASP, Smith & Wesson, and MTech.

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Choosing the Right Self-Defence Baton

Whether you're a law enforcement official or simply looking for a reliable form of self-defence, our wide offering of batons ensures you get the safety and protection you need. Gorilla Surplus offers a variety of batons for sale, so it is important to know before buying how to choose the right baton for you.

Expandable Batons: A Hidden Surprise

The most popular type of batons, expandable or telescopic batons, are composed of telescoping inner shafts that lock when fully extended. Their collapsible ability allows for easy carry and concealment. A swift deployment of an extendable baton is an effective tactic to intimidate and ward off threats. Most telescoping batons use friction to lock in place but there are also ASP batons for sale like the ASP Talon Expandable Steel Baton that use a disc-locking system for a comparably securer baton lock-up.

Straightsticks and Fixed Batons: The Straight and Narrow

Before collapsible batons were developed, police batons were once simply straight fixed-length sticks. With no telescoping parts or screws and buttons to worry about, straight batons are the most reliable and durable form of protection you will have at hand. At Gorilla Surplus, we have straightsticks like the Cold Steel Police Baton that carries out the traditional simplicity of the original police baton.

Baton Length: How Long is Too Long?

The standard baton length used by uniformed officers is usually in the 21 inch to 26 inch range. In New York, the police historically used batons of different lengths depending on if it was day or night. Day-sticks were 11 inches in length, while night-sticks were longer at 26 inches to provide extra protection with its extended length. For the average citizen, a smaller expandable baton would be enough for home use.

Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy, or Wooden?

Most self-defence batons today are made from steel but other variations in aluminum alloy and wood are also produced. Carbon steel batons are the most durable of baton types and are less likely to break due to their high fatigue strength. Batons made with aluminum alloy are more lightweight compared to steel batons, making them easier to carry and swiftly deploy.

Billy Clubs: Batter Up

Apart from retractable nightsticks, at Gorilla Surplus we also carry police billy clubs for sale. The term “billy club” stems from the Victorian Era to describe the truncheons carried by London police officers. Billy club weapons are often covered in leather and are used as bludgeoning impact hand weapons by military forces and security personnel.

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