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ASG Blaster Airgun Plastic BBs 4.5mm

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ASG's new line of Blaster 4.5mm plastic BBs are made for safe shooting. Each BB weighs just .13g, carrying far less kinetic energy than standard steel BBs. The plastic body is precision molded to maintain accuracy while decreasing the risk of injury from misfires. Package includes 1000 rounds.

Why choose these BBs?

  • Compatible with all 4.5mm (.177) airguns
  • Makes great practice ammunition for beginners and casual plinkers
  • Lightweight plastic construction is much safer than steel
  • Less likely to bounce or ricochet
  • Less expensive than standard steel BBs

Why not?

  • Light-weight BBs have inconsistent trajectory
  • Not safe for airsoft play
  • BBs are not bio-degradable

Pro tip:
It’s important to match your airgun with appropriately weighted BBs or pellets. Heavier rounds have superior accuracy, but require higher muzzle velocity. Lighter rounds and pellets will shoot further, but are less consistent in their trajectory.


Ammo Type:Steel BB
Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Ammo Weight:.13g

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