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ASG 11.1V 900mAh LiPo Stick Type Airsoft Battery

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Shoot farther, faster, and more accurately with this advanced ASG LiPo battery pack. It’s capable of powering high end gearboxes with an 11.1 voltage, 900mAh capacity, and 15C discharge rate. It features a single stick type configuration that can fit snugly into fixed and folding stocks, or upper receiver battery compartments. Measures 160 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm.

Why choose this battery?

  • LiPo battery provides a consistent rate of fire
  • Ideal for upgrading to a M130 - M160 spring
  • Can replace a 10.8V to 12V NiMH pack
  • 15C continuous discharge rate of 13.5 amps with 18 amp bursts
  • Can be recharged between games without the need for a full discharge
  • Comes with align balance connector

Why not?

  • Stick type batteries will not fit in guns with short stocks
  • LiPo batteries require balance chargers
  • High voltage battery puts extra stress on internals

Compatible charger: VB1015, VB1022, PAL28301

Pro tip:
Unlike traditional batteries, LiPO batteries deliver a consistent rate of fire for the entirety of their charge. If you notice your FPS begin to drop, this means your battery is almost dead and must be recharged immediately. It is not advisable to let a LiPO battery completely discharge.


Battery Type:Pack
Battery mAh:900 mAh
Battery Chemistry:Li-Po
Battery Voltage:11.1V

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