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1X22X33 Operational Red-Dot Sight

In Stock

The 1x22x33 Tactical Gear Riflescope is a versatile addition to your firearm setup. This airsoft-ready red dot holographic reflex sight features four reticle options in both red and green, allowing you to adapt to different shooting conditions with ease. Improve your accuracy and target acquisition quickly with this compact and reliable riflescope, perfect for a wide range of shooting applications.

Why choose this product?

  • Enhanced aiming: The red dot holographic reflex sight provides a clear and illuminated red dot reticle, allowing for quick and precise aiming. This improves target acquisition and accuracy during airsoft games.
  • Increased situational awareness: The sight's design allows for both eyes to remain open while aiming, providing a wider field of view and better situational awareness. This is particularly useful in fast-paced airsoft scenarios where being aware of your surroundings is crucial.
  • Parallax-free aiming: Holographic reflex sights are typically designed to be parallax-free, meaning the reticle remains aligned with the target regardless of the shooter's eye position. This ensures consistent accuracy and eliminates the need for precise eye placement.
  • Durability: Airsoft-ready red dot holographic reflex sights are often built to withstand the rigors of airsoft gameplay. They are typically shockproof, fog-resistant, and designed to handle the recoil and vibrations associated with airsoft guns.
  • Easy installation and compatibility: These sights are usually designed to be easily mounted on airsoft guns with standard Picatinny or Weaver rails. They often come with quick-detach or tool-less mounting systems, making installation and removal hassle-free.


  • Illumination: Red and Green.
  • Shock Resistant: Yes.
  • Product Size: 82 x 35 x 60 mm.
  • Function: Red-dot.
  • Magnification: 1x shooting Red-dot Optical Sight.
  • Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated optical glass.
  • Mount: Weaver 20mm.

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