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Unex Trigger Lock - Combination Type

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Your gun is for your hands only. Keep it that way with this combination trigger lock. Works with both real firearms and airguns to prevent misuse and misfiring. Fits trigger guards on most pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and rifles. The lock is controlled with a 3-digit combination that can be set to 1000 possible codes.

Why choose this trigger lock?

  • Prevents unauthorized use of your firearms
  • 1000 possible 3-digit combinations
  • Heavy-duty metal alloy construction
  • High quality ratchet system with smooth action
  • Mark-proof rubber cushions prevent damage to gun
  • Versatile design fits most gun types

Why not?

  • Some users find it difficult to memorize combinations
  • May not work with lever action rifles or double trigger shotguns
  • Does not prevent theft

Pro tip:
It is legal to transport firearms as checked baggage on planes in Canada. Guns must be kept in an opaque, locked, hard-shell case. Ammo can be kept in the same container, provided it is securely packaged. Restricted firearms, like handguns, must be fastened with a trigger or cable lock.

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