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Sellier & Bellot 9mm P.A. 50 Blank Rounds

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Whether you're trying to scare off wild animals or add some authenticity to your film production, these 9mm PA blanks will give you the same effect as a real bullet. They can be fired on their own or used with an adapter to launch scare cartridges.

Why choose this blank gun ammo?

  • Brass casing looks and feels like a real 9mm round
  • Creates a realistic muzzle flash and loud bang
  • Can be used to power 15mm flares or pyrotechnic cartridges
  • Box contains 50 rounds

Why not?

  • Can only be used with 9mm caliber blank guns
  • Plastic wad can become a projectile at close range

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Pro tip:
Although blank rounds do not contain a projectile, they are still dangerous. Gun powder is sealed inside the cartridges with a paper, wood, or plastic plug called a "wad", which can inflict serious damage if fired at a close range.


Ammo Type:Blank
Caliber:9 mm PAK (.35 cal)

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