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Mens Camo BDU Shorts

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Mens BDU combat shorts are designed to look like battle dress uniform. The design is based on military fatigue and has a Navy shorts pattern given to it. The polyester and cotton twill material used to manufacture these shorts ensure high comfort and great quality. The button fly adds to the ease of wearing and removing these shorts. The adjustable waist tabs ensure that these pants fit the wearer properly and are kept in place. Endowed with six pockets the utility of these shorts are unmatchable.


Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Cotton, Polyester
Weather: All Weather
Pockets: 6
Product Origin: CHN
Printable: Yes


Colour:ACU Digital CamoCity DigitalSubdued Urban DigitalWoodland Digital CamoSky Blue DigitalTiger StripeDesert DigitalTri-Colour DesertWoodlandWoodlandACU Digital CamoCity DigitalTri-Colour DesertSubdued Urban DigitalTiger StripeDesert DigitalWoodland Digital CamoSky Blue DigitalCity DigitalWoodland Digital CamoTiger StripeTri-Colour DesertSubdued Urban DigitalSky Blue DigitalDesert DigitalACU Digital CamoWoodlandSky Blue DigitalACU Digital CamoWoodlandDesert DigitalTri-Colour DesertTiger StripeCity DigitalWoodland Digital CamoSubdued Urban DigitalCity DigitalSky Blue DigitalDesert DigitalWoodland Digital CamoTiger StripeTri-Colour DesertACU Digital CamoWoodlandSubdued Urban DigitalTri-Colour DesertSky Blue DigitalTiger StripeDesert DigitalSubdued Urban DigitalACU Digital CamoWoodland Digital CamoCity DigitalWoodlandWoodland Digital CamoTiger StripeACU Digital CamoTri-Colour DesertWoodlandTri-Colour DesertWoodlandWoodland

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