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Madbull Airsoft 1-Inch Outer Barrel Extension

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Don’t let a short barrel get you down! This Madbull Airsoft extension is compatible with any 14mm counter-clockwise threaded outer barrel and will add a full inch to its length. It's constructed from CNC aluminum with a level II black anodized finish. An O-ring is included to reduce vibration of the inner barrel and improve BB trajectory.

Why choose this barrel extension?

  • Extends outer barrel to match RIS or inner barrel length
  • Threaded on both sides to accept additional barrel accessories
  • Black anodized finish will seamlessly match any Madbull outer barrel
  • Inner barrel O-ring improves rifle accuracy

Why not?

  • Will not work with non-threaded or clockwise threaded barrels
  • Black finish may not be an exact match to all barrels

Pro tip:
Many airsoft rifle barrels are threaded to support accessories like mock supressors, muzzle brakes, or barrel extensions. This threading will be either positive (clockwise) or negative (counter-clockwise) and will only accept accessories with matching threading.

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