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King Arms MP5 Series AEG Magazine - 100rd

PRICE: $20.00
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Stockpile ammo for your MP5 style AEG airsoft rifle with this King Arms mid-capacity magazine. Built from heavy-duty polymer with a reliable spring-fed track, it can hold up to 100 rounds.

Why choose this magazine?

  • Compatible with MP5, Mod5, and MXP series AEGs
  • Mid-cap design holds BBs tightly in place with spring fed track
  • Light-weight polymer frame won't weigh down your rifle

Why not?

  • Not compatible with other airsoft rifle series
  • Not as realistic as metal magazines

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Pro tip:
A mid-capacity magazine uses the same loading system as an actual firearm magazine. The BBs sit on a spring loaded track that feeds them into the gun one by one. They do not require winding and they don't rattle like high capacity magazines, but they also don't hold as many rounds.


Ammo Type:Airsoft
Caliber:6 mm (.24 cal)
Magazine Capacity:100

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