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Camping Lantern 300 Lumens

PRICE: $19.99
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Light up your campsite with this portable lantern! Providing a comfortable illumination of up to 300 lumens, you can hang this lantern in your tent for a brighter outlook.

Why choose this lantern?

  • 300 lumens lighting power from 3 long LEDs
  • 2 brightness levels at 50% and 100%
  • Red flashing LED can be used in emergencies
  • Stainless steel handle can be hooked to hang the lantern

Why not?

  • Designed as a stationery light, not meant for tactical mobile use
  • Not waterproof

Pro Tip:
Lumens are a measure of the total visible light emitted by a source and are the current standard for measuring the power of flashlights and lightbulbs. Wattage used to be the standard, but this unit only represents energy use, and modern energy-efficient LED lights can generate a lot of light with minimal watts.

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